Managino Network for Display, Video & YouTube

Our programmatic platform enables you to access high value inventory all over the world, reach your audience wherever they are with image, video and also audio ads. We can drive performance through automation engaging your customers with appealing creatives and formats. Managino Network also enables you to centralize and advance measurement across all digital channels.


Reach the right people at the right time

Advertise effectively with our end to end programmatic platform

How does Managino Network work?

Programmatic purchasing is a software system purchasing that enables automated purchase of advertising space. These systems operate on the basis of combinations of machine operations, sets of information and algorithms.

Programmatic purchasing opens up a number of possibilities, which would not be possible if the placement of the advertisement were done manually, as was the case in the past. You only pay for relevant impressions that actually occur. Thanks to programmatic purchasing, you can increase the flexibility of digital advertising. However, the opportunities are much greater than just easier and more flexible shopping for advertising.

Main advantages of Managino Network

  • Free campaign optimization even during an already running campaign

  • Free campaign creation and setup
  • Work with frequency across campaigns (if they are IO divided by formats – branding, banners, video. It´s possible to work with a frequency above the whole account instead of setting in Google Ads or other programmatic platforms)
  • Using the advantages of the DV360 platform

  • Fully available and functional YouTube campaigns

  • Integration with other systems (YouTube and Analytics 4) = a great advantage whilst working with an audience
  • Much better reach and a lower cost than with any other platform

  • Free of charge brand safety elements (content, visibility, kws, url)
  • Creating a remarketing audience based on your own conditions directly in Managino Network