DV360 vs Adform

Display and Video 360 (DV360) is a programmatic solution for media. The reach of DV360 goes beyond Google AdSense and offers access to a wide range of platforms. DV360 helps deliver faster, more effective remarketing by supplying buyers with data needed for successful campaign optimization. Integration with Google Analytics makes all of your collected data available for productive targeting.

Target your campaigns more extensively with DV360

Benefits of DV360 versus Adform

  • DV360 is a Google remarketing platform, which makes it easier to launch and review campaigns on YouTube and other platforms, which you cannot do in Adform

  • Targeting is the same as in Google Ads, which enables you target audiences based on interests, purchase intents, live events and even target custom audiences based on their search behavior.

  • Advanced methods of dynamic remarketing that let you define custom banners and rules with their own feed. You can also add rules for specific products and categories according to their search priority.

  • Automatic optimization is a native feature in DV360 that lowers CPM (cost per mille).

  • The ability to combine YouTube audiences and banner campaigns that don’t work in Ads.
  • Google AI promises better success rate of long-term campaigns. Google gathers data and bidding algorithms on an account level and optimizes them across all signals including search and remarketing.

  • Advanced scripts adjusting autobidding algorithms based on your needs.

  • New portfolio of interactive formats (mostly for mobile devices), that reduce the amount of money spent on creatives.
  • Dynamic rules for displaying banners based on targeting on interests or location are another great advantage of DV360.

Convert your banners to DV360

Start converting your banners from Adform to DV360 only for 25€/piece and maximize your brand awareness with high-quality creatives. DV360 is the most flexible platform for creative, frequency and optimization purposes and it provides you with efficient placements with high-profile publishers.

Let us help with converting your banners

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