Video ads

Managino Network offers complex solutions to everyone, who wants to capture with visual ads. From short spots to longer videos. Thanks to the automation of the whole process, we offer you multiple creative formats that can engage a relevant audience.

Work with effective video ads which you can change the frequency of whenever. Even during an already running campaign. Show your sports to users not accustomed with you or to those that already visited your web anywhere in the world.

We will place videos on relevant and visited portals and media, YouTube and everywhere it makes sense.

Effective and modern video ads for relevant users

The programmatic shopping of video ads enables us to target relevant audiences anywhere throughout the internet. We have multiple attractive video formats, that can serve for brand building or promoting discounts and products.

Fully available and functional YouTube campaigns

You can have all the possibilities YouTube offers available. We can place your videos or spots in front of other videos or insert them in a video as an ad impossible to skip. There are a lots options.

Advertise video ads more effectively