Managino Network vs Adform

Managino Network is a modern platform that, in comparison with Adform, offers more possibilities such as connection with other Google systems. We can also help you with creating a YouTube campaign. On of the best benefits we offer is the ability to change the frequency of views at any time (even in an already running campaign). You will only have to pay for views and impression that really happen.

Advertise on premium channels in your country

Premium channels (most visited webs in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic), creative and attractive videos, audios and banners are how Managino Network differentiates itself from other platforms that offer manual shopping of ads.

Start advertising

A benefit that will certainly help is the easy and automated shopping that saves you a lot of time.

Benefits of Managino Network versus Adform

  • The ability to change the frequency of your ads throughout multiple campaigns (if you have your ads divided based on formats (video, banners,…), it is possible to change the frequency for the whole group, you do not have to change the settings in each ad individually)
  • The ability to create YouTube campaigns (with a client integrated in one system)
  • The possibility to connect with other Google systems (Google Ads, Analytics 4)
  • Live chat support
  • Free safety elements that keep your brand safe
  • The creation of a remarketing audience based on your own requirements directly in Managino Network