Managino Network vs Google Ads

The biggest difference between Managino Network and Google Ads is that Managino Network saves you a lot of time. You will get rid of the manual setting up of ads (everything is automated), but still have more options for putting your ad up where you want it.

More flexible ads on premium channels

More flexible ads, more creative ad formats and premium channels where you can place your ads are the main benefits of Managino Network, that Google Ads can never offer you. But wait, there is more.

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Benefits of Managino Network versus Google Ads

  • The ability to measure the reach between multiple media
  • The ability to set up the frequency of an ad throughout multiple channels (YouTube videos, banners, programmatic videos…)
  • More available metrics for measuring the reach of your video (measuring whether it was paused, skipped, muted…)
  • Advanced settings in the frequency of displaying ads (throughout the whole campaign, in minutes, in hours…)
  • More thorough behavioral targeting