Manage your campaigns properly
with Managino Network

  • Brand campaigns using video (even with YT or without), banners or combination of them
  • Campaigns focused on high visibility in a premium environment
  • Campaigns focused on effective communication in order to maximize reach and build effective frequency across formats and channels
  • Campaigns requiring advanced targeting
  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Audio campaigns
  • Campaigns focused on mobile apps

Benefits of Managino Network

    • Possibility to measure cross-media reach
    • Possibility to set frequency across channels (YT video, GDN banner, programmatic video, programmatic banner)
    • Possibility to use more inventory
    • More available metrics for video measuring (pause, mute, skip)
    • Using the advantages of the DV360 platform
    • Advanced frequency setting (for the entire campaign, for minutes, hours..)
    • More detailed behavioral targeting

What does Managino Network offer?

  • Programmatic system suitable for brand building and acquisition
  • Purchase on CPM or CPV only
  • Campaigns with advanced targeting and available inventories on the local websites
  • Doesn´t have performance formats like Google ads, e.g. search and responsive ads
  • Available formats: YT video, programmatic video, gsp, banners, non-standard banners, audio ad
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